Mobile Application Data Measurement Report

A mobile application for ordering data measurement reports based upon user GPS location or through manual address entry. Implement streamline ordering process and dash. The redesign initiatives necessitated access to and storage of all data measurement details and information with the property-centric organization system.


UX Designer


EagleView Technologies, Inc.




My role on the project was end-to-end designing app user experience.

  • Research, Google Analytics, Survey
  • Conceptualization, wireframes, mockups
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction and gestures activities
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile and tablet design patterns
  • Asset management
  • Development, UX testing, bug prioritization


SurveyGizmo, Photoshop, Axure, DNN, Balsamiq, Excel, CSS/HTML, Fireworks, TFS/Jira (3 scrum teams)

Target Users

External Users: Insurance Adjusters, Appraises, Examiners, Contractors, Homeowners

Internal Users: Customer Service (CS), Client Relations (CR), Sales, Marketing, and Operation teams


  • Run Excel data manipulation in analyzing the survey result
  • Analyzed users orders: Desktop vs. apps
  • Studied Google Analytics


  • Drafted survey questions
  • Studied users requests
  • Interviewed Users
  • Interviewed Stakeholders


Review details screen

Features: product selection, filter property type,options for adding user images, add add-ons, product in other formats: dxf, xml, rxf, special instructions, order review, submit


An interactive UI for filters: Completed, in progress needs attention, closed, by details, search. order number, data address, product name


An easy to navigation system for a functioning order process: user account, order, setting, search

High Fidelity

User experience and Interaction - order history screen:Status, needs attention, in progress, completed, order product type and format, add, remove, or editing images

User interface elements on order history screen:Color, filter, search, accordion, icons, sort


Worked with 3 international Scrum teams on the development phase.

Development Handoff

Design document, UI assets, redlines iTune

Development Phase

UX testing, bugs, support launch

Before and After

Google Play